30-Mile-Dive: No quit in Cassell

He could have quit.

After technical issues during a difficult underwater tank change forced Scott to surface at roughly the halfway point of his world record-breaking dive, everyone involved would have understood if he’d just said, “Well, I tried. Better luck next time.”

After all, the record was gone.

But Scott’s endeavor was never about adding another notch on his dive belt. It was simply the medium for his message: our oceans are in trouble. And when they fail, so does mankind.

And Scott wasn’t about to let major equipment failures stop him from delivering it on the other side of the channel.

So, after a brief respite on one of the support boats, he plunged back beneath the surface and plowed on with the physically demanding dive.

Just after 7 p.m. – approximately 12 hours after departing from Catalina – Scott completed the 30-Mile-Dive.

It was an inspirational display of tenacity, courage and strength.

But he wasn’t doing it to impress anyone – he was just doing it for the sharks.

All photos by  Scott McGee: http://underpressurephoto.com

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